Re: Are Doug's Scripts Really Active?

Doug Lee

I'll try to cover all of this thread at once; feel free to prompt me if I miss something. :-)

If JAWS does not say, "Revision 45 Skype for Windows Desktop 8 (Electron) settings are loaded," possibly with a different revision number, the Skype 8 scripts are not active. This is a litmus test for whether they are active,
but not for whether they are installed in this case. More on that below.

The way to remove Skype scripts, or most any of my scripts, is to find the "Uninstall ..." entry for them in your Start menu or Start screen. Typing "Skype" usually finds them. The uninstaller will offer to remove from all JAWS
versions into which that installer installed in the first place. Go ahead and allow it to remove all of them. A script installer will detect if another installation of that same set of scripts already exists and will require
the uninstaller to complete before running; but scripts for one Skype version do not detect scripts for a different Skype version - where "version" here means Skype 8, Skype 7 (which the Skype 6.22b scripts support), and Skype UWP.

Now about why you may not be seeing the Skype 8 scripts active:

Electron apps, such as Skype 8, act in many ways like HTML pages, including having an address, or URL, that identifies them. Confusingly enough, the URL identifying Skype 8 is simply "Index," or possibly in some JAWS versions,
"Index.html." The Skype 8 scripts load based on this identifier; but I am not certain that JAWS 17, 18, and 2018 all settle on the same identifier for Skype 8. To handle this, I included more than one way to make the scripts
load; but it's possible I missed a case or two.

So if you are absolutely certain that the Skype 8 script installer ran successfully, that you included your active JAWS version when you installed the scripts, and that Ins+Q says "Chrome" instead of something about Skype 8;
let me know which JAWS version you are using, or versions if you see this in more than one; and I'll see if I can help figure out what's going on.

On Thu, Jul 26, 2018 at 11:55:46AM -0400, Steve Matzura wrote:
The scripts that were overwritten were in JAWS 18 and 2018, but the ones for
JAWS 17 are still in place. Those are the ones I want to remove.

But I'm still not sure Doug's scripts really got installed, because JAWS 18
and 2018 both said "Chrome settings are loaded" before and after I installed
version 102 of his scripts. Most odd.

On 7/26/2018 11:49 AM, Jerry Pryde wrote:
That's what I thought.
When I install latest scripts, it just overrides the old ones; removes and
installs the new scripts.

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Can you install overtop of those there by hopefully upgrading the

On 26 Jul 2018, at 8:45, Steve Matzura wrote:

OK, I figured out why JAWS says "Scripts 6.22," etc. I was in JAWS 17
at the time. So we'll forget all that, except for one question: How to
remove those scripts?

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