use skype for windows 10 or skype 8 with jaws 2018

Marvin Hunkin <neilmarvin@...>

hi. got skype for windows 10 and part of a student community for my it gaming course from so what's the main difference between skype for windows 10 and skype 8? if i uinstall skype for windows and then install skype 8. will it set all my contacts and then restore my groups, that i am on. what's the difference. should i get skype 8, and just uinstall skype for windows 10. find the interface fine, able to tab around, but would be nice to have the online confirmation. so, any help. how to go forward. got the latest july jaws 2018. using windows 10 64 bit pro. please let me know, if i should switch. marvin.


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