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Shaun Oliver

that is my assumtion, as I said a day or so ago, it's something I have yet to test.

On 20/07/2018 11:56, Sarah k Alawami wrote:

Ah, so if you hit windows v to get to that notification you can either hit space on accept or just ignore it, if I remember my windows 10 keystrokes right eh?

Take care

On Jul 19, 2018, at 7:03 PM, Shaun Oliver <blindman75@...> wrote:

you misunderstand. on windows, skype puts up a tost notificaation when a call comes in. it's only on the mac and on the iPhone and iPad and iEverything else and android devices that the initial call controls are popped up as a window.

On 20/07/2018 02:27, Octavian Rasnita wrote:
Hi Sarah,
This is pretty bad news, because we might be pressing space while we are typing something else, and we might answer a call even if we don't want to do this.
Even if space will be somehow blocked by default in the window that appears and we would need to use another hotkey which is not used very often, it would be a little better, but still frustrating that the focus was stolen by another application. It was even a software design recommendation to not create applications that steal the focus.
It would be also worse if we'll need to press Insert+F11 and start searching in the list of system tray applications or do many Alt+Tab to reach the Skype window for beeing able to answer the call, because until we would finish all these movements, the other party might stop calling.
The new Skype version should be an improvement, it should be better than the previous one, not worse, because otherwise it would be a downgrade, not an upgrade.
The new Skype might be acceptable and enough accessible to use it, but from what I see, it is worse than Skype Classic from almost all points of view.
And it is not the first program made by Microsoft that follow this root.
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Yes it does, it pops up right in your face all you do is hot space, or vo space on answer. I hear for example incoming call from student. I hit space and begin my class. To hang up I cmd tab to skype and hit cmd shift h to hang up.

On Jul 18, 2018, at 10:04 PM, Shaun Oliver <blindman75@...> wrote:

I have yet to test this, but, I suspect it will pop up a tost notification. in the case of Mac, IOS and Android, they pop up a window whereby you can click the answer button.

On 19/07/2018 13:04, Octavian Rasnita wrote:
OK. Thank you. Sounds worse and worse.
This is the big disadvantage of Skype 8 I found until now.
What is the procedure of answering a call if we hear that somebody is calling?
Does a Skype window pops-up and we need to switch to it, or we need to press Insert+F11 and open Skype from system tray?
And, how can we find who is calling, before answering the call?
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Subject: Re: [skypeenglish] ending a call using latest scripts

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Subject: Re: [skypeenglish] ending a call using latest scripts
Is it possible in Skype 8 to answer/end a call with a hotkey when the focus is in another application, like in Skype Classic?
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answering the call is a matter of tabbing to the button and pressing it. ending a call you do by pressing ctrl+e. that, is a Skype shortcut, not, a screenreader related one, scripted or otherwise.

On 19/07/2018 06:15, James Malone wrote:
Hi all, two questions. First off, I don’t have a problem selecting a name in the contacts list. However, when a in coming call comes in, how do you answer it? And second off, How do you end the call?
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