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Shaun Oliver

I would like to comment that Microsoft did not terminate GWConnect, that was a decision taken by the then GW Micro, as at the time that decision was taken Skype had taken the decision to deprecate their API.

On 20/07/2018 04:38, Joseph Machise wrote:
List here is a e-mail that my friend sent to me, he would like me to send it to the skype list, thanks from Joseph e-mail follows.
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Hi, Everyone,


I don’t know if all of you have Skype, but I’m sure some of you do. Several people that I’ve spoken with believe that when Microsoft terminated GW Connect, Skype was not as accessible for the blind as it used to be. I can only say that there are certain features in Skype that JAWS can’t read which prove rather frustrating.  JAWS is my screen reader.


Before I give you my example, let me say that there are several different configurations of Skype, depending on each individual setup.  In other words, I can call some people on Skype by simply hitting the call button, while in other cases, a submenu comes up with options to either call the office, the home phone or Skype. Every week, I do a group Skype call when doing Sports Round Table. In my group, I can call two people by simply clicking on the call button, but the other two people have that submenu. When I make the first call to a recipient of Skype with that submenu, JAWS is able to read it just fine. However, if one person is already on the Skype call, and I try calling a second recipient with that submenu, JAWS will not read it, requiring a sighted person to use the mouse to get the person on the group Skype call.


Microsoft is constantly updating Skype. I must admit that when I see the updates, I ignore them for fear that they will set me back considerably. Where I do two weekly podcasts using Skype, I can’t afford not to be familiar with any new updates unless I have a tech support person on hand to guide me during this process.


Being that many blind people use Skype on a regular basis, and where Microsoft doesn’t prioritize our needs, I am hoping that the two major blind advocacy organizations in this country are recognizing these problems and are willing to work with Microsoft in order to make sure that blind people can operate Skype. I’m sure that some of us use Skype professionally, so that’s very important.


I would like to hear from you regarding this issue. Perhaps there is something that I am missing.


Bob Branco


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