Re: Quitting Skype 8

Shaun Oliver

yes, use your jaws cursor

On 19/07/2018 02:47, Pete via Groups.Io wrote:
Hello all,
I have just upgraded from the classic desktop Skype 7 to Skype 8 on my machine running Windows 10 and the latest JAWS and Doug’s latest script, Revision 39.
In previous versions I could quit without signing out from the Skype menu in system tray, now when I go to system tray, Skype is there but the menu appears impossible to navigate, nothing is announced when cursor or tab keys are pressed, however when I press insert+b, a set of options is announced, the last of these being quit, so it seems that a sighted person can click here to quit Skype, does anyone know if it is possible to quit Skype with a screen reader?
Pete H.

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