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Doug Lee

Microsoft's announcement of the September 1 discontinuation of Skype 7 (Classic) has brought us quite a bit of traffic on this list. Here are some hopefully helpful bits of info:

Will Skype 7 (Classic) work after September 1 if you download it now? Microsoft says no. They are not just saying they're no longer going to support it; they're saying it will not work after that date. Time will tell, but
that's the official word.

Which Skype should we use then? I now say Skype 8, because Microsoft has begun offering it to everyone, even Windows 10 users. Skype UWP for Windows 10 is still supported though.

Did I once say I thought Skype 8 would soon die? Possibly; I predicted Skype UWP would become the preferred Skype version. As of now though, I believe Skype 8 will become the preferred version. Again, time will tell.

Are there JAWS scripts for Skype 8? Yes, at - and I just updated them before sending this email. See the site I just gave for details on what changed.

Is there an NVDA add-on for Skype 8? Yes, at

Is there a list of keyboard shortcuts for Skype 8? Yes, at

Will Clisk work with Skype 8? No. The API required by Clisk is no longer supported at all in Skype 8 or Skype UWP. (For those who don't know, Clisk, the Command Line Interface for Skype, is a Python-based application I've
maintained for many years.) This end-of-life for that API is no surprise and was in fact delayed for several years beyond initial expectations.

I wish everyone well in this transition, and I hope my scripting and add-on work is helpful.

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