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Dan Eickmeier

Yeah I couldn’t agree more Mike. When i first tried Skype 8 on the mac, I tried it briefly, I decided to totally abandon it, and have switched to zoom.

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What concerns me, is the interface. Particularly the contacts list. People I know who are screen reader users, have complained that in Skype 8, they have no way to know when someone is either online, offline, away, Etc. Then of course, there's the confrence call thing, sending ims and command structure as a whole and so forth. I've heard reviews from both the sighted and the blind, and unfortunately, none of them have been good. Basically, many people are saying, "what the heck did microsoft do to this program?" That's not actually the way I wanted to put it, but I didn't want to come out and curse on the list. But trust me when I say, people are hating this new version. Just in case, I'm also looking into another voip program.

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Basically after September u won’t be able to use it. I would learn the skype 8. It actually is not that bad. Ive ben using it for my job since about maybe July or late June and I am actually loving it.

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So what does this mean for those of us using Skype classic? What happens now?

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