Skype 7.2 or 7.3 with Facebook Contacts

skypeenglish at (Bharat via Skypeenglish)...

Please note, it is a change that has been made by Facebook, because
they don't want the users to use any third party applications to
access all their services. It wasn't Microsoft's choice.

Also, no matter which version of Skype you use, this feature would not work.

On 6/19/15, Cornelius via Skypeenglish
<skypeenglish at> wrote:
Dear Skype users,

I am Cornelius from Malaysia, previously joining the SkypeEnglish list until
I started my studies and work.
We all are aware that Microsoft has begin to discontinue Facebook chat on
Skype to focus on
I would like to ask those who are still using Skype 7.2 or 7.3, if this is
affected on your skype? I upgrade to latest version of Skype, and I can?t
see Facebook contacts anymore.

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