Solution for, JAWS drops in volume when Skype calls come in

Larry Gassman <larrygassman@...>

Hi all,
I remember doing this a long long time ago. Obviously when Windows updated, something changed.
Thanks to Bill White for the reminder.
It worked well with the two people I reached out to.
Perhaps it is a chunk of knowledge you might want to save.
See below.

Windows Automatically Reduces System Volume for Games & PC Calls

While you are using your PC to place or receive calls or while you are
playing games which use PC calls feature, Windows automatically reduces the
system volume without even asking you.

Actually its a new feature introduced in Windows 7 which can be disabled
using the following simple steps:

1. Open "Sound" applet from Control Panel.
Or right-click on Speaker icon present in system tray and select "Playback
devices" or "Recording devices" or "Sounds" option.
2. Now go to "Communications" tab and check the option "Do nothing" and
click Okay.
3. That's it. Now Windows will no longer reduce the system volume.

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