Re: JAWS drops in volume when Skype calls come in

Sarah k Alawami

Just letting you know you highjacked this thread and sent your message twice, or maybe glitched on the second point but please do not highjack this thread, or anyt hread, start a new one please. The next time this happens you will be on a week ban. Thanks. This is a gental reminder to all. The reason I bring this up is I don't want to have to split the topic. That is going to be a mess so I'd rather that people just start a new thread if they have a question. I'll do it this time but not again.

On Jun 30, 2018, at 9:46 AM, Larry Gassman <larrygassman@...> wrote:

Hi all,
When two of my friends receive skype calls, and or make them, there JAWS audio decreases dramatically.
I checked and all of the check boxes regarding audio ducking are unchecked in both settings center and in the wizard.
Any thoughts as to why this is happening and about potential solutions?

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