help with latest skype and an introduction




It is a very long time since I posted on the skype group some 2 or 3 years. However, My name is Adrien, I live in the uk. I like skype but they have really changed it now.


I have a couple of questions.


On the new skype there is no start up sound, has this gone completely or is there a way to get it back?


I used to use skyp as my phone and have loads of saved contacts, for that I used skype talking but I assume that no longer works. In the latest skype How can I edit or delete a contact? I am having to use skype as my phone again as I need to use it to ring abroad now.


Finally, I use nvda, Jfw and super nova. Which is the best screen reader for using with skype?


Ok now doubt with the new skype being so complex I’ll have more questions so good to be back with you guys.





Skype with me on adriencollins06


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