Key commands for the Skype app for Windows 10

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Hi all!

Here are many key commands for the Skype app for Windows 10. I have tested this with Windows 10 1709, Latest app update, JAWS 2018, NVDA 2018.1, and Narrator.

The Skype app is very accessible with these key commands with what I listed above.

Here are the commands. By the way, there are three entries for each command, the Windows command, the Mac command, and third, the action that activates by doing that command. Keep that in mind, that first is the Windows command, and second is the Mac command, then the action.

Here you go:

What are hotkeys and how do I use them in Skype?

Keyboard shortcuts are specific combinations of two or more keys on your keyboard. They make it easier and faster for you to use commands that you would otherwise have to access via the menus. You can use keyboard shortcuts to easily quit Skype, send a file, copy text and a lot more.

Hotkeys in the new Skype for Windows desktop, and Mac

Windows desktop Hotkey

Mac Hotkey


Not applicable


Open the main Skype window

Ctrl + I


Open Notification panel

Ctrl + , (Ctrl + comma)


Open app settings

Ctrl + H

Not applicable

Open Help in default browser

Ctrl + D


Launch main dial pad

Ctrl + N


Start new conversation

Ctrl + G


New group

Ctrl + F


Search for all contacts, messages and bots

Ctrl + Shift + S


Search within selected message

Alt + 1

Not applicable

Navigate to recent chats

Alt + 2


Open contacts

Alt + 3


Open contact screen to bots

Ctrl + O


Send feedback

Ctrl + R


Refresh the app

Ctrl + T


Open themes

Ctrl + Shift + T


Toggle between light and dark mode

Use Alt + V to bring up the View menu to zoom in, out, or return to actual size

Ctrl + Shift + = to zoom in

Ctrl + - to zoom out

Ctrl + 0 for actual size

Use the View button to zoom in, out, or return to actual size

[Command]+[+] to zoom in

[Command]+[-] to zoom out

[Command]+[0] for actual size

Zoom in, zoom out, or view actual size

Up arrow after sending a message


Edit the last message sent

Ctrl + P


Show conversation profile

Ctrl + Shift + A


Add people to conversation

Ctrl + Shift + U


Mark as unread

Ctrl + Shift + K


Start a video call

Ctrl + Shift + P


Start an audio call

Ctrl + Shift + F


Send a file



Start a PSTN call

Ctrl + Shift + G


Open gallery

Ctrl + E


Hang up

Ctrl + M



Down Arrow

[Command]+[Down Arrow]

Select the next message in the chat list

Up Arrow

[Command]+[Up Arrow]

Select the previous message in the chat list

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