Re: Skype! What version is the right version and What is going on with all of these skypess

Stephen Troy

Hi james

Microsoft are in the process of phasing out skype 7 but there's no dateline
for this to be completed as yet.

If you have windows 7 or 8 you can use skype electron, as doug calls it, and
download the scripts from

If you have windows ten, and are not able to use skype 7, you should be
using UWP, and again there are scripts on doug's site for this.

Below is something doug wrote earlier this week in an email and it might be
useful to you.

I think Skype 8 and Skype UWP both have pros and cons. I actually asked
Microsoft's @SkypeSupport on Twitter yesterday (Tuesday) for information on
the expect length of life of Skype 8, since it is currently intended only
for older versions of Windows. I await an answer.

I find Skype 8 more responsive than Skype UWP at this time, but I also find
Skype UWP to have more features than Skype 8. This includes letting us know
which contacts are active versus inactive, though not with the notifications
you requested earlier. (Skype 8.16 does include "Online" by some of my
contacts in the Conversations list, but I don't yet know the exact
significance of this since it is not shown for all contacts.)

Older versions of Skype UWP often froze on me for up to a minute. Older
versions of Skype 8 outright crashed about as often as that. I have not seen
either of these problems in updated versions.


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going on with all of these skypess


I am using Windows10/64-bit version. On my desktop is the old Skype
7++++++; then there is a "Skype Web or something like that; and I hear
guys talking about skype up, etc; and I don't know that people are talking
about and I don't know how to use skype now. When I open skype 7+++++, I
get the regular screen I have been using and I can choose which skype user
will be using the program by arrowing to my skype name or my wife's skype
name and then logging in. However, when I open up the new skype that is now
on my system, it opens up into the last person's account with everything
there, contacts, etc; however, as far as I see, there is no way to change
skype users. Will the new skype totally replace skype 7++++++ on our
computers? It is confusing. I think I heard they are no longer updating
skype 7+++++ and the scripts on Dug's page say scripts for this version are
no longer valid (at least I think it says this but I may be wrong); then I
installed the new scripts and so forth and so on. Help! I am totally lost!
Someone awake me when all of this is sorted out! Finally! Which skype
version should I be using on my windows10/64-bit computer; please give
actual executable file name and url so I can download and install it.

James Robinson

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