Re: Skype! What version is the right version and What is going on with all of these skypess

João nuno antunes

keep using skype 7.

Às 12:10 de 09-03-2018, James Robinson escreveu:


I am using Windows10/64-bit version. On my desktop is the old Skype
7++++++; then there is a "Skype Web or something like that; and I hear you
guys talking about skype up, etc; and I don't know that people are talking
about and I don't know how to use skype now. When I open skype 7+++++, I
get the regular screen I have been using and I can choose which skype user
will be using the program by arrowing to my skype name or my wife's skype
name and then logging in. However, when I open up the new skype that is now
on my system, it opens up into the last person's account with everything
there, contacts, etc; however, as far as I see, there is no way to change
skype users. Will the new skype totally replace skype 7++++++ on our
computers? It is confusing. I think I heard they are no longer updating
skype 7+++++ and the scripts on Dug's page say scripts for this version are
no longer valid (at least I think it says this but I may be wrong); then I
installed the new scripts and so forth and so on. Help! I am totally lost!
Someone awake me when all of this is sorted out! Finally! Which skype
version should I be using on my windows10/64-bit computer; please give
actual executable file name and url so I can download and install it.

James Robinson

João Nuno Antunes

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