Push notifications. Was. Re: [skypeenglish] skype 8 and skype windows 10 which is the better for accessibility

Michele Barbi

Doug Lee wrote amongst other things:
"To Michael, on the "Away" status being caused by people forgetting to log out of Skype:

You would not only have to log out but also disable push notifications, on iOS at least. Most of us don't do that I'm sure. :)"
Hey Doug, I actually knew that in the past but I didn't expect I had to check it out once again after plenty of time. I think you helped me a lot though, because I discovered to be away recently instead of offline. So I opened Skype on my iPhone, I went to the notifications settings inside the app, and figured out that yeah push notifications where active. I tried to disable them, and I am looking for some cavias to verify this one.

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