Re: skype 8 and skype windows 10 which is the better for accessibility

Doug Lee

I think Skype 8 and Skype UWP both have pros and cons. I actually asked Microsoft's @SkypeSupport on Twitter yesterday (Tuesday) for information on the expect length of life of Skype 8, since it is currently intended only for
older versions of Windows. I await an answer.

I find Skype 8 more responsive than Skype UWP at this time, but I also find Skype UWP to have more features than Skype 8. This includes letting us know which contacts are active versus inactive, though not with the
notifications you requested earlier. (Skype 8.16 does include "Online" by some of my contacts in the Conversations list, but I don't yet know the exact significance of this since it is not shown for all contacts.)

Older versions of Skype UWP often froze on me for up to a minute. Older versions of Skype 8 outright crashed about as often as that. I have not seen either of these problems in updated versions.

On Wed, Mar 07, 2018 at 04:37:02PM +1030, Marvin Hunkin via Groups.Io wrote:
Hi. Which is better, skype 8, run in compattability mode for windows 10
or the native windows 10 app and accessibility. And also did hear new
conversations in my group and jaws announced the name of the
conversation or contact, announced I had 2 updates, so that's what I
was talking about. Pity, not able to know if they are online or not.


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