Re: Skype 8.16 for Windows

Doug Lee

Skype 8.16 is the Electron version. You can run it in Windows 8 compatibility mode on Windows 10.

Alt+2 brings up the Contacts list, and otherwise you can find the Conversations list by tabbing around the main screen a while; but I like using Ctrl+F, Search, to find a contact to call. I have a rather large contact list

I have released JAWS scripts to help a bit with Skype 8 at

On Tue, Mar 06, 2018 at 08:52:59AM +0100, Michele Barbi wrote:
Hello guys, a friend of mine just talked me about what in subject, I am not
sure if this is Skype electron since she installed it on her Windows 10
machine. But summarizing, she did not find very well in accessibility. The
worst thing is, the contact list is somehow hidden, so that if you need to
rapidly call someone the only way to do so is to use the contacts search

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