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Octavian Rasnita

Hi Doug,

Can you summarize which are the important features in Skype 7 which are missing from the 2 new Skype versions?
I think that it might be helpful to sent that list of missing features to MS and ask them to allow us use Skype 7 until those important features will be also available in the new versions.

Thank you again for your work.


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I asked of the official @SkypeSupport Twitter account yesterday:

doug_lee42:@SkypeSupport Do I understand correctly: 1. Skype 7 is being retired currently. 2. Skype 7 is not available from Microsoft. 3. Skype 7 will work for now if you can find it or already run it. 4. Skype 7 will continue
to work that way until sometime after an a deadline yet to be announced. []

Their answer today I consider definitive:

SkypeSupport:@doug_lee42 You are 100% spot on. []

So if you can find it, and you can install it, you can use it, for now; but you can no longer get it from Microsoft, i.e.,

To the extent I, with my small hands and single voice, can do it, I wish to hold them to that announcement, so that we can know, with some warning, when Skype 7 will actually stop working.

Meanwhile, if you feel you're ready, go ahead and play with Skype UWP if you're using Windows 10, or Skype 8, the Electron app, if you're using Windows 8.1, 7, etc.

Screen reader support pointers, just so they're all here in one place:

JAWS scripts for Skype UWP for Windows 10:
Windows 10 App Essentials addon, an NVDA addon that helps with Skype UWP and other Windows 10 apps:

JAWS scripts for Skype 8 (Electron app):
NVDA addon for Skype 8: Ahem... that would be a twinkle in my eye that I hope to make a project soon. :)

Legacy scripts for Skype 7:
NVDA support for Skype 7: Built in as an app module, part of NVDA itself.

Microsoft page listing keystrokes for all Skype versions (pick your tab from near the bottom):
Microsoft page listing Windows keyboard shortcuts, a few of which are relevant to Skype UWP users:

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