skype versions and scripts

Marvin Hunkin <neilmarvin@...>

Hi. Using the classic skype 7.4 with jaws 2018. Did try the windows 10 metro app a few months back and was not too bad. I am a member of a student group, the lecturer, course I am doing from certificate iv interactive gaming and digital media. So, what does all the different versions, what’s skype eletron. And did have the skype app for windows 10, and did not find it too bad. So my question is:

Do I keep the old classic skype, migrate to the new metro app and get the skype upw ascripts and what’s eletron. Understand skype for business, if for business owners and do have that as part of my office 2016 32 bit, but have not used that, got the skype classic app from, so, any ideas, any help, if Microsoft is retiring it, which version to go to and which one will work with jaws 2018, which I use as my main screen reader, and also nvda works quite well.



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