Re: Can't get SkypeUWP scripts from to work

Doug Lee

A few questions:

1. Did you get any error messages during install? I assume here that you ran the installer. Manually unpacking the installer file into settings\enu will not work.

If you got a compile error and you find a uia.jsh file in the JAWS user folder, remove it and run the installer again. Note though, I mean the user folder, not the shared folder. The user folder is what you get by going to
Explore JAWS, Explore My Settings.

2. When you run the installer, you should see a list of JAWS versions. Make sure your JAWS version appears in that list and that it is selected. By default though, all JAWS versions recognized are selected.

3. Assuming you can install without an error message, then go into Skype and type Ins+Q and tell me what revision number you hear. If Ins+Q does not speak a revision number, go to the next question.

4. Virtualize the Ins+Q output by typing Ins+Q twice quickly, then paste the resulting user buffer into your next message to this list, so I can see it.

On Thu, Feb 22, 2018 at 01:41:28PM -0500, ann wrote:
Hi folks,

I am using Jaws18 and Windows 10, latest version. Since i understand Microsoft
is getting rid of the old Skype Desktop program, I am trying to learn to use
the newest version of Skype for Windows10. I downloaded Jaws scripts from and ran the executable .exe installer. But these scripts do not seem
to be loading when I start Skype the trusted app version.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks so much for any help,


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