Re: Information, Resources, and Guidance on the Skype7 Phaseout

inamuddin khan

The only thing I would like to insist upon is that you should work day and night to make JAWS script Skype 8 and update your JAWS script for windows 10 app.

As far as my self is concern, I did talk with Skype support agent and He told me that Microsoft is not forcing anyone to use Skype 8 or Skype for windows 10 app.

Users can use Skype classic as long as  they have Skype classic installed on their machines.

I gave an example of my girlfriend who is having problem of signing in to Her Skype classic and He told me that I should ask Her to connect Skype support team and they will solve Her issue!

In my opinion Microsoft is secretly pushing people to switch over from Skype classic to the modern Skype either Skype 8 or Skype app for windows 10 although they are denying it!

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From: Doug Lee
Sent: Friday, February 16, 2018 1:37 AM
Subject: Re: [skypeenglish] Information, Resources, and Guidance on the Skype7 Phaseout


In the wee hours of this morning, I figured out that a strange confluence of circumstances had indeed occurred. The summary of my position, though, is that Microsoft does intend to phase out Skype 7 but without having given a timeline

for it. Details follow. I write this more for the curious and for a sort of official explanation of my loud announcement.


Circumstance 1: 9 to 5 Mac (sorry I didn't look up how that's normally written) reported a Skype security flaw on February 13.


Circumstance 2: Microsoft reported problems with people logging into Skype on February 14 and asked for a few hours to resolve these, though I did not see that until early the next day (today).


Circumstance 3: Microsoft has been pushing people toward Skype 8 and Skype UWP and away from Skype 7 for a while, with tech support responses and automatic updates.


Circumstance 4: I saw reports over a few days of people having trouble logging in but thought it was independent of Skype version, until...


Circumstance 5: I saw, within about one half hour:

A. One or two reports that Microsoft was officially closing out Skype 7.

B. People running just Skype 7 being unable to log in.

C. A tweet from SkypeSupport saying regarding Skype 7:


    SkypeSupport:@JosephRatliff We are slowly deprecating this version, so please use the new Skype, or Skype for Windows 10 if you are on that OS version, and let us know if the issue persists.  []


D. An incoming urgent call from a professional contact who believed, without previous communication with me and without any affiliation to Microsoft, that Skype 7 was suddenly no longer a viable option due to being abandoned.


That last multi-part circumstance cemented in my mind the idea that the demise of Skype 7 would be fairly quick. Accordingly, I stopped all I was

doing, wrote that article, and only then saw this tweet:


    SkypeSupport:@JosephRatliff We understand where you are coming from, but to keep Skype fresh and the experience seamless between clients, we are retiring older versions. So while Skype classic is still more or less functional, we are not doing active work on it :( []


I would have read that one as meaning we might have a bit more time, though I still would have interpreted it as an indication of the mpending demise of Skype 7.


Additional notes:


I considered the February 13 security issue to be unrelated to the Skype 7 issue because

1. It seemed both old and very cross-app, meaning it could apply to a great many apps.

2. I thought (though incorrectly, it turns out) that the issue applied to Skype UWP as well as to Skype 7.


I have not yet heard if the login problems, for Skype 7 users or anyone else, have been fully resolved.


On Thu, Feb 15, 2018 at 07:17:38PM +0000, L??onie Watson wrote:

I've just been talking to someone from Microsoft. It appears that this is not

a deliberate step to push people onto newer versions, but rather a "perfect

storm" of circumstances.


A vulnerability was detected in the online installers, so Microsoft took them

off the website yesterday. They will be returned when the vulnerability has

been patched.


At the same time there was/is a problem with some users connecting to Skype.

It isn't clear why this is effecting me with a fresh install of Skype, and not

an existing install of Skype (on the same network, using the same Skype

account), but again Microsoft say they're trying to resolve it.


There is no timeline for either.


It seems that Doug's post has surfaced a number of challenges with the UWP

app, which Microsoft had not previously been aware of. So if nothing else, all

this has at least given Microsoft something to think about.


Let's just hope they fix the problems they described to me, and that for a

little while longer at least we can continue using the 7.x desktop clients.






On 15/02/2018 19:12, Lino Morales wrote:

> Clare. I would if you can update to a laptop with WIN 10. Also, contact

> the NVDA devs or Joseph Lee and if he will in the future will writ up an

> add-on.


> Lino Morales


> *From: *Clare Page <>

> *Sent: *Thursday, February 15, 2018 6:24 AM

> *To: * <>

> *Subject: *Re: [skypeenglish] Information, Resources, and Guidance on the

> Skype 7 Phaseout


> Hi!

> At the time of writing this, I still have Skype 7.40 installed on my Windows

> 7 PC, but now that this version is about to be phased out, I have my own

> concerns.

> As I am an NVDA user, I'd be interested to know the state of play as regards

> Skype 8 with that sscreenreader. In the past I have read that Skype 8 is not

> accessible with NVDA: however, during a Twitter discussion about the Skype 7

> phase-out this morning, I was told that Skype 8 is actually reasonably

> usable. If there are any NVDA users reading this who are using Skype 8, can

> they please pass on their feedback to this list, so that people like me can

> make an? informed decision about what to do next?

> One step I have already made towards preparing for Skype 8 is to bookmark

> the page of Skype 8 keystrokes which was linked to in Doug's article. If I

> can use Skype 8, it will obviously be a learning curve, but I will have to

> learn to get used to it like everyone else, unless it is really totally

> unusable with NVDA.

> If it isn't, I could use Skype for IOS as I have an iphone, but till now I

> have found Skype on the computer more convenient.

> Here's hoping that the NVDA developers will soon work on access to Skype 8,

> if they haven't started such work already!

> Thanks in advance for any information which might help us NVDA users when

> Skype 7 disappears for good.

> Bye for now!

>  From Clare


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> Doug Lee

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> Subject: Re: [skypeenglish] Information, Resources, and Guidance on the

> Skype 7 Phaseout


> I don't have anything definitive on Mac Skype.


> On Wed, Feb 14, 2018 at 07:49:45PM -0800, Sarah k Alawami wrote:

> How about us mac users? do you know if they will faze us out as well? My job

> is at stake here and I don't want to use ksype on the phone, although I will

> if I have to


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>  > On Feb 14, 2018, at 3:35 PM, Doug Lee <dgl@...> wrote:

>  >

>  > I just posted an article on the active Microsoft phaseout of Skype 7,

> otherwise known as Skype Classic Desktop for Windows:

>  >

>  >

>  >

>  > I hope this helps Skype 7 users during this time of unfortunately

>  > forced transition, and while I catch up with script writing for Skype

>  > 8. :)

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