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I'm good for now.  But got a feeling it won't be long before I can't connect either.  I'm on Win 7 64bit and Skype ...?  Leave it to Microsoft t to play with things, AGAIN!

On 2/14/2018 2:38 PM, Jerry Pryde wrote:
If there’s a way you can complete the scripts for Skype 8, it would be greatly appreciated.
None of us can guess how much longer we’ll have an accessable version of skype.
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Subject: Re: [skypeenglish] Skype won't connect
Wow, um, not a fair move as  skype for mac, at least for me and skype 8, it's very hard to use and not like what skype 4 was. It is a horable interface and I'm not sure why they decided to go the way they did in terms of the interface. Bad move on skype's part.

On Feb 14, 2018, at 10:51 AM, Léonie Watson <tink@...> wrote:
I've just been told by Skype support that this is a deliberate move by Microsoft. They're stopping people from accessing Skype on the old 7.x desktop versions, in order to push everyone onto the 8.x and/or Win10 app versions.

By the looks of things you'll be ok as long as you don't log out and/or try to reinstall Skype. For the time being at least. No idea how long it'll be before even that is stopped.

On 14/02/2018 13:17, Léonie Watson wrote:
Skype 7.4 won't connect. The default installer wouldn't work so I had to download the offline installer. That installed it, but now when I enter my username and password, it just says it can't connect.
I've completely removed Skype and reinstalled it. I've removed 7.4 and installed 8.1 in compatibility mode, and this lets me connect without difficulty. I've also tried the Win10 app and this too lets me connect ok. It's just 7.4 that won't.
Using Skype 8 and/or the Win10 app isn't something I want to do. Any suggestions on what's happening with 7.4 gratefully received... I'm tearing my hair out.

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