Skype Classic Verses Modern Skype

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Dear friends, today I’d like to talk about Skype Classic verses Modern Skype.

Before I say anything, I’d like to let you know that English is not my mother tongue so it is quite possible that I may make grammatical mistake.

I therefore would like to say sorry if you do not understand what I wanted to say!

The matter of fact is that there are 3 Skypes are available.

Skype classic which is Skype 7.40.151 which was updated on October 6th 2017.

JAWS script for this Skype is still available and it is working nicely at least in my machine.

This Skype is the most accessible version for all visually challenged persons, no matter which screen reader they are using!

You Can Download It By Clicking Here

To download its JAWS script,

Please Click Here

When I started using computer for the first time, I was using windows XP with JAWS 6 and Skype version was 3.8.

As I always say that I’m very much impressed by Doug Lee who has been working harder and harder making JAWS script for Skype in order to make things accessible.

In my humble opinion we must be thankful to Him for His continuous hard working.

Since then, there have been so many changes and developments in the world of technology and Skype has no exception.

I have seen those days when a lot of resistance among visually challenged person regarding leaving Skype 3.8, but at the end what happened?

You know very well that every body had to leave that version and was forced to switch over the newer Skype versions.

Then there was a program came called GWSkype.

A lot of visually challenged people liked it a lot and still they want to use it, but Microsoft has changed its interface from MSAA to Automation making that GWSkype not accessible.

In short All I can say is that change and developments dwell in the very nature of human being.

Now we are using 3 Skypes Skype classic, which I have given the link above, Skype UWP and New Skype For Desktop.

Talking about Skype Universal Windows Platform (UWP), again we will have to be thankful to Doug Lee who had worked hard and managed to give us JAWS script for Skype UWP.

                If you want to download this script,

Please Click Here

This Skype is not a full fledge desktop installer but an app for those who are using Windows 10.

What is the difference between A program and app, is another discussion which is not my topic that’s I’m not saying anything about it.

Current  version of Skype UWP is

And the script is version 102.

For more information about it,

Please Click Here

To my best knowledge, some of visually challenged persons has already started using it, some of us including me are thinking to start using it and a lot of us are opposing to use this program very much, just they have done in the past regarding Skype 3.8.

The third Skype is called New Skype For Desktop, which is the same in roughly every devices.

This program is for those people who are users of less than windows 10 but users of windows 10 can also use it.

If you want to download this program,

Please Click Here

The version of this Skype is: Skype 8.0.3

Friends, I have started my journey from Skype 3.8 and I have come to Skype 8.3.

In my humble opinion the brave person is one who always ready to accept changes.

If we do not use these Skypes, then how we can force Microsoft to listen to us and give us what we want and we want nothing other than accessibility!

At The end all I can say is that use these programs at least for the sake of knowing new things.

Never change  the challenges, but challenge the changes, you will be successful.

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