Only accented characters are read in the first chat message

Vojtěch Drábek


we have a problem with using these scripts modified for Czech. In view of recent Skype changes and UWP scripts it is not likely to get investigated, but I am going to ask anyway.

When using the scripts on Skype 7, going to chat, starting to type a message and then rewiewing the letters typed by character, JAWS does not read any letters EXCEPT the accented ones. After sending the first message, subsequent messages to be sent can be reviewed normally. This has been happening here for some time, I may have even asked here about it, with no resolution. Now we have reports that this is sometimes happening for all messages, not just the first one. I would appreciate any suggestion to fix this. I can even edit the scripts to some extent.

Thanks in advance for all suggestions!
Vojtech Drabek

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