Scripting Plans for Skype

Doug Lee

Last Saturday, I sent a message to this list enumerating the Skype versions written for Windows of which I am aware. Today, I'm sending
another message about all these Skypes, to announce my scripting plans for them.

Skype for Windows Desktop (7.40):

I continue to support this version, though I haven't needed to do much for it for a while. Scripts for this one remain at

Skype UWP, also known as Skype for Windows 10, currently at version

I started scripting this one on Saturday and hope to have a script release soon. I will also be including what I believe to be a
comprehensive keyboard shortcut list for it in the documentation. If anyone has a pointer to existing Microsoft documentation on Skype UWP
keyboard shortcuts though, please send it here.

New Skype for Windows Desktop, formerly called Skype Preview for Desktop:

This will not install on my Windows 10 machine, at least without some bizarre finagling; so I plan to finish and release my first round of
scripts for Skype UWP before tinkering with this one. I am aware, though, that it has started landing on some computers out there via
automatic Windows updating. I admit I did not expect that so soon, having only learned about this Skype version on Saturday.

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