Re: Windows Skype versions, help wanted clarifying some of these

John Gassman

For anything requiring broadcast quality, I use Zoom. Skype for me is just a back up which I don't rely on since Microsoft cut down on the band width. The only time the band width is acceptable is when fewer people are using it and that's not often the case.
Unfortunately, skype won't let us use earlier versions for very long without blocking us from installing those earlier better quality versions.
At 04:27 AM 10/29/2017, you wrote:
hi tom

I think a lot of people with smart phones are switching to whatsapp.
very similar to Skype but much more reliable.


On 29/10/2017, Tom Reid <> wrote:
It seems to me that skype is getting more unreliable. Quite often, I skype,
the thing rings, but, no answer.

What alternatives are folks using, Tom

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