Windows Skype versions, help wanted clarifying some of these

Doug Lee

I have done some research on Skype versions currently or formerly available for Windows, prompted by a fair amount of confusion over this. I
welcome additions to the following information, but I present this as a starting point.

Skype for Windows Desktop:

This is the Skype most of us know and, perhaps, love, for all modern Windows versions. I know of no Microsoft plans to discontinue this one
yet, but I am on the lookout for such plans. This is the Skype for which I have long maintained scripts at

Skype For Business (SFB):

This product, formerly called Microsoft Lync, is mostly intended for office and corporate settings. I maintain scripts for this at based on Office 2016 versions. SFB and Skype for Windows Desktop are completely different products with completely
different structures from an accessibility standpoint, though I understand Microsoft has made them similar in visual appearance.

Skype UWP, also called Skype for Windows 10, or maybe Skype Universal App:

I would like to know the most accepted name for this one. This is the Skype that comes bundled with Windows 10 now. Formerly called Skype
Preview until earlier this year, this one boasts a seemingly simplified interface but may not have all features as compared to Skype for
Windows Desktop. I am interested in any news about Microsoft's current plans for this app as compared to Skype for Windows Desktop. I would
consider scripting it if it is likely to become popular, necessary, and/or stable (I prefer two of the three at least :-) ).

Skype Preview for Desktop:

I've only read about this, never seen it; but it's supposed to be a preview for a Skype version designed for Windows 7, 8, and older 10
versions. I saw reference to this version in an August, 2017 article. Some consider it more feature-complete than Skype UWP. I want to know
if I have its name correct, whether anyone uses or wants to use it, and how likely it is to die or seriously morph before attaining more
popularity. I also wonder how its future compares to that of Skype for Windows Desktop and Skype UWP.

Skype Metro, also called Skype Modern:

This Skype was discontinued by Microsoft over a year ago I believe. I only mention it to disambiguate it from other Skype versions, like
Skype UWP.

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