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Dan Eickmeier

Agreed, Michael. I find too, that when you get into a conference call, at least on the mac side, that when nobody is talking, you get this constant hiss, and then when somebody speaks, the noise goes away. I’ve noticed lately too, that the audio quality seems to have gone down in later versions as well, it just doesn’t seem as crisp and clear to me as before.

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I really wish they would fix the bandwith issue. As it stands now, with the newer versions of the desktop skype you can't seem to play using an external mixer

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Hi all.

I'm using Skype 7.4 now, on Windows 7 with the new scripts.
It's working fine.
And, that's the problem. Microsoft can't seem to leave well enough alone.
it's working, and they still seem to want to fix it; vary annoying.

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Hi Sarah, I guess like you we are also. I had a client that downloaded the
windows version, and we ended up downloading the desktop version from the
web site.
Many things will be going away with windows 7, at least what I'm hearing.

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I'm behind, but what shall we say evidence leads you to believe the ditch
might be sooner then 2020? Just trying to see big picture here.
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My apologies, I somehow missed part of your message when I sent that

As I said, I have not scripted that one. I need to hear if anyone has
solid evidence of when Microsoft plans to ditch Skype Desktop. My
assumption so far is that we have about three years before that happens, but
I'm starting to wonder.

On Fri, Sep 08, 2017 at 09:29:12PM +0200, Tom Reid wrote:
Hi folks, has anyone got round the problems with skype's latest update
for win 10.

I can't see a skype icon, nor does skype show as running in the
window list though it activates when a call comes in.

I see no menus...

Thanks, Tom



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