Bizarre problem with a new install of Skype

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yeah i am having the same problem, i am logged in to face book on skype.
but i can't see my contacts on face book, i'm running windows 7 and i am
running skype 7.85.101 witch is the latest version.of skype. now nvda
tells me who logs on to face book on skype. cause i have that box
checked. to see when people come on line on my face book. i just can't
see my face book contacts.

On 5/26/2015 12:15 PM, Brian Hartgen via Skypeenglish wrote:
Hi to all

I've just installed Skype 7.5 on a new machine, I also have it on 2 other
machines with the same skype account, same settings.
The older two machines have Windows7 and Windows8.1, the new machine is

I've noticed a couple of strange things.
Voicemail. On the new machine, in Skype's options it shows that I haven't
recorded a new greeting, whereas I've had the old greeting for quite some
Facebook. Even though I've linked my Skype account to Facebook, I cannot
change to see the facebook contacts. But it works fine on the other two

Any suggestions as to why this install of Skype is treating the account



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