Re: Skype under Windows xp, is it still possible?

Lino Morales <linomorales001@...>

I disagree. XP is dead theirfore should no longer be supported. I'm sure theirs an official document on XP support. WIN 7 won't die till 2021 if memory serves so you should be OK for a while unless MS decides to kill off Skype Classic.

On 8/31/2017 3:59 AM, João nuno antunes wrote:
as long windows 7 be suported by microsoft, skype for windows desctop
will be suported for windows xp.

Às 7:56 de 31-08-2017, Michele Barbi escreveu:
Hello guys, I am having an issue with a friend of mine who is still
using Windows xp nevertheless its support is officially down. On his
pc he used Skype ver. 7.28, but trying to call some users or join them
to conferences it says his version was out-of-date; the problem is we
did not manage to update it to the latest 7.40, even because although
I thought all was ok now the desktop icon gives an error message which
I personally don't remember.  Now, a doubt came to me where Windows xp
is no longer supported by Skype; did anyone read some official report
about it?

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