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On the first message you type into a chat window, this may happen; and
my attempts to fix it caused too many side effects. I know the
following workarounds, either of which is enough at least for me:

1. Use Notepad to compose your first message for a chat window, then
paste it into the chat window when done.

2. Send a partial message, press UpArrow (assuming accessibility mode
is not enabled, or you'll have to go to more trouble for this) to edit
the message, then edit it normally and resend it. With this approach
though, the other person may not be notified of the completion of

On Tue, May 26, 2015 at 08:11:52PM +0700, Nut via Skypeenglish wrote:
Im using Jaws 15, and have one issue. Jaws doesnt read the characters I
typed into the chat window, even though the Skype script is running.
This use to work fine in Jaws 14. This problem happens in both Jaws 15
and 16. Im using Skype 7.5 (the latest version) on Windows 7 Ultimate
SP1 X64.

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