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I finally did see Skype for Business hit my laptop and that of some of
my coworkers. It is indeed more like Lync than Skype, so my Skype
scripts would not work for this.

I have been working more recently on Skype for Business scripts but am
not ready yet to release anything. I would say I'm getting close

On Mon, May 04, 2015 at 02:03:11PM +0530, Bharat via Skypeenglish wrote:
Hi Doug,

I really wanted ot take up that experiment, however, couldn't muster the
courage, since it is my office laptop & any experiemtn may impact me
negatively if it doesn't really work out.

please let me know what else can I do to make it work better please?

Thank you,

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I delayed answering this because I fully expected to see an
installation of the new Skype for Business at a job site this week.
Unfortunately though, things did not work that way; the remote
collaboration I did used an IE plugin of some sort instead of what I

In any case, if the interface looks Skype-like, you could try my
scripts against it; but if the interface looks Lync-like (or very
non-Skype-like), chances are that would not help you and might
complicate things.

If you want to try the scripts against lync.exe, a quick way would be
to install my scripts normally, then create or modify ConfigNames.ini
in the JAWS user folder to make JAWS load the Skype scripts for Lync.
Do not modify ConfigNames.ini in the JAWS shared folder though. Also
do not just rename Skype script files to Lync, because that will break
things unless you know exactly which of those files to rename and
which to leave alone.

On Wed, Apr 29, 2015 at 11:50:35AM +0530, Bharat via Skypeenglish wrote:
Hi Doug,

here is my observation regarding the current release of Lync / Skype for
business. Recently Microsoft pushed an update to office 365 for business,
a result of which Lync was updated to Skype. Since then I have realised that
while JAWS 16 announces it as Skype for business it retains the same
as that of Lync. further more, pressing Insert+q announces: 'Default
are loaded. the application being used is: Lync.exe. at the time when I read
the release notes,, it said that the Sys admins would be able to decide
whether they want the Skype interface or the Lync interface. & it seems, in
our case our Sys Admin has decided it in favour of the Lync interface. would
you recommend I install the Skype's latest scripts to see if they work with
Lync /Skype?

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What I've for years called "Skype for Business" is a trimmed-down
version of the Skype we know, long made available as an NSI installer
instead of an Exe.

Now though, I'm hearing Microsoft Lync 2013 is changing into "Skype
for Business."

I need to find out exactly what "Skype for Business" now means, in
this discussion and in practice out there. If anyone can point me to a
Microsoft page about this, please do so.

Until then, I am assuming my scripts for Skype work with Skype for
Business, because they have done so for years.

On Tue, Apr 28, 2015 at 12:46:34PM +0200, Michele Barbi via Skypeenglish
I don't think... Or at least, I have no knowledge of it.
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