Hello all. It's that time again, where a reminder is sent out  once a month regarding the rules so here they are.
Hello to all.  Hear is this month's reminder of the Skype English rules. taken right from the welcome message
Hello and welcome to the Skype English list. Here our goal is to have fun discussing various things related to skype and the screen 
readers such as jaws and others.  Remember the following:
1. flaming of any kind, virus warnings, spam, or anything off topic will not be tolerated.
2. Posting in HTML is aloud, but no links will work. The message will hopefully be converted to plain text. Let me know if you see 
any attachments. i doubt you will.
3. Absolutely no attachments are aloud on this list. Security comes first and this will minimize the chance of viruses spreading.
4. Keep all intro threads to at least 3  or 4 messages before the thread is taken off list. That way we don't drift off topic. I 
know this is going to be hard for most of us including this mod here but if we keep the  messages on topic the archives will look 
a lot cleaner and people will be able to find info on what they need.
5. speaking of clean archives absolutely no discussion of anything other than Skype and its use with screen readers will be tolerated on this list.  If the admin notices any other topics such as google talk on this list they will close the thread immediately. I hate to do this but this is to keep the archives easier to find for old members as well as new ones.
6. When you first join this list it's normally customary to send out an intro message.  Since this list is growing by leaps and bounds this will cease and desist.  The new comer will now  if they want to send out a question regarding the scripts, skype, gw connect, anything that this list covers. any "hello" messages and "I'm new. here is my info" messages will no longer be tolerated.  We want to keep the searchable archives at the mail archive as clean as possible.
7. Before you post your question(s) to the list,  please search the group archives or do a google search. This prevents the cycle of repeated messages. It also teaches you the user to search before asking for help. Oly when you have exhausted yoru resources should you come to this list. We get a lot of messages, so the archives are full of stuff dating back to at least 2005.
. Have  fun and happy skyping.
Failure to abide by any of these rules, especially the last one, will get you 3 strikes then the member is band from said list.
Take care all.

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